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Current Issue

January-June 2021| Vol 8| Issue 1

Review Article

The outcomes of fetal cell microchimerism in the mother

The presence of small quantities of genetically heterogeneous cells in an organism is known as microchimerism. Fetal microchimerism is the presence of small quantities of fetal cells in the maternal...

Review Article

Is three-parent IVF the answer to preventing mitochondrial defects?

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), as its name implies, is an embodiment of the mitochondrial genetic information that constitutes about 1% of the mammalian genome. It fills a vital niche in tracing mat...

Original Article

Effect of different thermal change tests of micro tensile strength behavior bio-composite materials; In vitro study

Background: The thermal changes in environments that composite materials are exposed to has a great effect on fatigue and wear behavior. Aim: Micro-cracks and interfacial deformations ...

Original Article

Clinical governance in radiologic practice: Evaluating the appropriateness of radiologic investigation considering patient clinical information using the radiology request form

Introduction: Clinical governance in radiology is an improved quality assurance program where the patient well-being is the central focus concerning radiologic service using the radiology req...





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